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Welcome to P.S. 59

We’re your neighborhood school, providing an excellent education in a safe and supportive environment.

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District 14 Superintendent David Cintron

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New York Schools Chancellor
David Banks

P.S. 59 is a Public School in District 14 in Brooklyn.  We serve students from Pre- Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Our school schedule is 8:00am-2:20pm everyday with after school programs until 5:30pm.

At P.S 59 we serve 340 students with a 20:1 ratio of students to teachers.  We offer Special Education (I.C.T) classes on all grade levels, with 2 bridge classes K-2 and 3-5 self contained. We also offer one dual language class per grade K-3.  Our enrollment is made up of primarily of African Americans, and Hispanics students.  Our students benefit from our fully functioning P.T.A and the  resources of our United Community School Director. We have a fully functioning Macintosh Computer lab, and Stem-Lab computers in all 4th grade classrooms At P.S.59 our students wear burgundy polo tops with the school logo and black bottoms.  On any given day, you will also see our staff wearing the same.

Mission Statement:

Public school 59 is committed to creating a legacy of academic excellence, for each and every student. We seek to develop individuals who can not merely be defined by standards, but can set them as well. Our goal is for each student's social and intellectual growth to be exceeded only by their humanity. We instill in them the knowledge that we are interdependent members of the global community and have an obligation to make a contribution of substance. We show evidence of this commitment through our valued ongoing partnerships with parents and community-based organizations. We model this commitment by making this a place where teaching and learning is honored every day.  

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Public School 59 is committed to creating a legacy of academic excellence for each and every student from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade. We seek to develop individuals who cannot merely be defined by standards, but can set them as well.


Excellence Always! Always Excellence!

Dr. Cherry-Ann Joseph-Hislop, Principal

Dr. Hislop is a trained Behavior Analyst and School Administrator with a passion for turning around failing schools and promoting educational excellence in students and staff.  


Her core competencies include curriculum development and instruction, teacher mentoring and development, school administration, classroom and program evaluation, and data driven instruction. When she is not functioning in her capacity as a principal, she enjoys using her musical talents to inspire audiences across the world.  


Dr. Hislop is married to Linden Hislop and together they have two wonderful daughters.

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Mr. Zachary Mack, Assistant Principal

Zachary Mack is the Assistant Principal at P.S. 59.  He is a dedicated educator that has served in the school since 2017.  He is passionate about literacy instruction and skilled at using data to target students' gaps in learning.


Outside of school, Mr. Mack is an avid gardener and reader.  He enjoys traveling and has been to many other countries, including Peru, Mexico, Turkey, and China.  Mr. Mack lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn.

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